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5 Best Chocolate Shops in Edmonton 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Chocolate Shops in Edmonton. To help you find the best Chocolate Shops located near you in Edmonton, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Edmonton’s Best Chocolate Shops:

The top rated Chocolate Shops in Edmonton are:

  • Lindt & Sprungli – one of the few chocolate makers to have complete control over every step of the process behind crafting gourmet chocolate
  • Sweet Lollapalooza – named one of the top 10 chocolatiers in North America
  • Purdys Chocolatier – founded by Richard Carmon Purdy
  • Natural Kitchen Delights – committed to creating a higher standard of chocolate
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate – has been entertaining chocolate consumers in Canada since it opened its first store in Whistler Village in 1988

Lindt & Sprungli

lindt & sprungli chocolate shop in edmonton

The unique taste of Lindt & Sprungli chocolates comes from the bean to bar philosophy they live in, starting from carefully selecting the top quality cocoa beans coming from the most renowned regions in the world up to the final product. This makes them as one of the few chocolate producers to have full control over each stage of the process of making gourmet chocolate. They use a special process for roasting and grinding cocoa beans which are all performed in-house which is vital to the velvety texture and rich taste of their chocolates. After selection and blending of high-quality cocoa beans, the cocoa nibs are roasted bringing out the flavors and aroma, then ground uniquely to a fine finish. Conching allows Lindt to attain their chocolate’s smooth, velvety texture signature.

At Lindt, they believe that high quality ingredients make high quality chocolates. Apart from selecting cocoa beans from well-known places worldwide, they also source out other ingredients from renowned regions all throughout the world. Their attentiveness to detail is reflected in each step, from the tempering process that guarantees luxurious and shiny finish of chocolates up to elegant packaging.
Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Snacking, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Boxes, Chocolate Bags
Address: 2011 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1M1
Phone: (780) 485 2133
Website: lindt.ca
“This place is amazing for a chocolate lover, or just when you want a delicious piece of candy. The shop is like a Willy Wonka dream come true. There are hundreds of flavors to choose from and believe me when I say it is not easy! The woman working today (I didn’t get name , sorry) was extremely helpful and excited about the product which is always good. We ended up getting a small cooler bag filled with over 130 pieces.” – Michele H.

Sweet Lollapalooza

sweet lollapalooza chocolate shop in edmonton

Sweet Lollapalooza was founded by Brett Roy, who is a chef that turned into a chocolatier. It was built from the concept of producing hand-made fresh chocolates from nothing but the finest ingredients. In here, they do not add extra sugars, preservatives, and other additives to give an extra-long shelf life to chocolates. Their chocolates are freshly made each day. After over a decade of making hand-made premium chocolates from the finest quality cacao, they have become an award-winner when it comes to chocolate production, globally recognized and become one of the top 10 chocolatiers within North America.


Fine Chocolates, Signature Confections, Coffee, Bars & Other Confections, Caramels, Corporate Gifts, Chocolate Legend


Address: Commerce Place, 10155 102 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4G8
Phone: (780) 436 3190
Website: sweetlollapalooza.com


“If you go into a high end building you will obviously be paying more money at a place like this. Which is totally fair for the quality. If I could give this place a 10 I would. The best chocolate I have ever had, my absolute favourite. Nicest people at the stores, and great selection of sweets. Greatest and the best flavours !!!!!!” – Cassidy Ouellet

Purdys Chocolatier

purdys chocolatier chocolate shop in edmonton

Purdys Chocolatier was founded by Richard Carmon Purdy. Its founder began selling homemade chocolates in Vancouver in 1907. It is a family-owned company that takes pride of their chocolates. In here, everybody is inspired to bring you to the extraordinary. They source out superior quality ingredients around the globe, and whenever possible, they select local options. Sustainable cocoa are used in making their chocolates. Premiums are paid for sustainable cocoa to support their co-ops and farmer partners through programs that will bring improvement to the livelihoods of their families and their profit.


Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Assorted Chocolate, Kosher, Non-Chocolate, Baking


Address: City Centre, 299 102 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 2Y9
Phone: (780) 426 6284
Website: purdys.com


“If it’s chocolate it’s gotta be great. What a wonderful thing chocolate is. For me the best is dark usually around 70%. This store is well arranged and in a busy place within the Edmonton City Centre Mall on the second floor. The staff is friendly and courteous. This location is always busy and especially during certain times of the year. I am a confirmed chocoholic and love Purdue for their great selection of chocolate products.” – Kirk Dewhurst

Natural Kitchen Delights

natural kitchen delights chocolate shop in edmonton

Natural Kitchen Delights has the commitment to create high-standard chocolate. All of their products are made using the finest quality ingredients, and they work hard in maintaining the nutritional benefit and natural state of the products to introduce balance of enjoyment and lifestyle. Natural Kitchen can cater to nearly all dietary and lifestyle constraints by taking out dairy, artificial ingredients, gluten, and any additive, and using only nutritionally intact and raw ingredients. All cacao they use originates and sun roasted in Ecuador and their products are handcrafted in Edmonton. They do not use preservatives or additives, and only sweeten their chocolates using Dark Amber Canadian Maple Syrup.


Dark Chocolate


Address: 10552 114 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3J7
Phone: (780) 803 4413
Website: naturalkitchendelights.ca


“This chocolate is a game changer. Not only the most delicious I’ve ever tasted but actually healthy too! 💯🙌” – Alynne O

Rocky Mountain Chocolate

rocky mountain chocolate shop in edmonton

Rocky Mountain Chocolate has been in the business since 1988 to entertain chocolate consumers in Canada. Since it opened its very first store in Whistler Village, the company quickly expanded throughout the years which now have more than 55 locations in Canada.

Rocky Mountain is a perfect one-stop destination if you have any corporate need. Whether you require gifts for clients, employees, new hires, length of service, you will surely find something in their store. They are proud of putting personal touch to their products, and ensure to go extra miles to offer you a great experience. Furthermore, they specialize in customizing the products and packaging, and create a unique gift idea that will surely impress. Another great thing about Rocky Mountain is the large selection of treats and chocolate that will allow you to select a different pleasure in every visit. When you step into their store, you will again get the feeling of a kid in a candy store.


Clusters, Bulk Chocolate, Barks, Bombs, Moguls, Toffee, Cups, Assorted Chocolates, Caramels


Address: 1 Outlet Collection Way, Edmonton, AB T9E 1J5
Phone: (587) 695 0092
Website: rockychoc.com


“I love the chocolate/caramel apples.. to die for. The owner is also fantastic, I’ve been going to various locations throughout the years as I work in malls, and today he remembered me from the Southgate location where I used to work/shop, when I popped into this location after work! His service and associates are always excellent.” – Crystal Wright










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