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5 Best Chiropractors in Vancouver🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading chiropractors in Vancouver. To help you find the chiropractors located near you in Vancouver, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Vancouver’s Best Chiropractors:

The top-rated chiropractors in Vancouver:

  • Coquitlam Family Chiropractic – has been in practice for more than 10 years providing people of all ages.
  • Dr. Raminder Badyal – with over 30 years of combined clinical experience.
  • InTouch Chiropractic – a team that utilizes the Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) technique.
  • Broadway AT Yew Chiropractic & Massage – has been treating residents of Vancouver for over 20 years.
  • Peakform Wellness – helps people achieve better health by using world-class manual therapies.

Coquitlam Family Chiropractic

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First on the list is Dr. Ali Amiri of Coquitlam Family Chiropractic. He has been in practice for more than 10 years providing people of all ages with natural chiropractic care. He opened Coquitlam Family Chiropractic in 2009 in an open and inviting environment with his friendly and warm team members who are here to help patients achieve their health goals and eliminate any restrictions that may be holding them back. As a chiropractor, Dr. Ali is a doctor that focuses on the nervous system, which controls everything in the body. Chiropractic care restores the natural position and function of the spine to allow you to work at 100%.

Products/ Services:  

Family Chiropractic.


Address: 2885 Barnet Hwy #210, Coquitlam, BC V3B 1C1

Phone: 604 941 0003

Website: coquitlamfamilychiropractic.com


“It is a great pleasure working with Dr. Ali, my professional chiropractor. Dr. Ali helps me to sleep without neck pain after 4years. I love going there to experience high quality of care and attention to details by Dr. Ali ; I also enjoy the garden. Thank you Dr. Ali to share your garden’s products with us.” – Jamshid Sabzi

Dr. Raminder Badyal -Vancouver Chiropractor

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Downton Wellness center’s Dr. Rmnder Badyal specializes in improving the health of their community one individual at a time. With over 30 years of combined clinical experience, their doctors and practitioners offer drug-free, hands-on, safe, and effective therapeutic care. Their holistic approach allows them to focus on accurately diagnosing and effectively treating their patients allowing each of them to regain their well-being so that they can optimally function every day. The team’s first priority is to deliver the highest quality health care to their patients.

Products/ Services:  

Chiropractic & Wellness Services.


Address: 1200 Burrard St Suite #605, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C7

Phone: 604 687 5712

Website: dwcchiropractic.com


“I went to see Dr. Badyal as a new patient to address what had become a chronic issue with my shoulder. Dr. Badyal very quickly diagnosed the problem and initiated an effective treatment program that resolved the pain and stiffness I had been experiencing in relatively short order. Dr. Badyal was always efficient, prompt, respectful and friendly. I also very much appreciated Bruce’s kind welcome and professionalism at the front desk. Overall, I was very pleased with my overall experience and results.” – Lucy Swib

InTouch Chiropractic

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Third on the list is Touch Chiropractic opened in January 2009. The doctors at InTouch Chiropractic utilize the Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) technique. CBP is the most researched technique in chiropractic, with over 130 scientific studies investigating different aspects of CBP. CBP technique emphasizes optimal posture and spinal alignment as a primary goal for care. Through a unique form of structural rehab, the CBP technique has been shown to improve the alignment of the spine and posture.

Products/ Services:  

Chiropractic Services


Address: 580-555 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7

Phone: 604 879 5566

Website: intouchchiropractic.ca/


“I’m feeling very safe with the Covid practises in place. Dr Roy does a full intake with pictures that you get so you can see what he is talking about. Even through a car accident was not the way I wanted to find this place, I’m happy that I did.” – Sarah Monks

Broadway AT Yew Chiropractic & Massage

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Broadway AT Yew Chiropractic & Massage has been treating residents of Vancouver for over 20 years for a large variety of common conditions that their chiropractic care has successfully resolved. They are confident that patients find their clinic to be warm, contemporary, and welcoming. Whether their visit is for a therapeutic massage or chiropractic care, patients are made sure to be comfortable and relaxed during their treatment.

They offer a comfortable reception area, multiple massage rooms, chiropractic care rooms, restrooms, and a relaxation area is available. Broadway’s chiropractors are always up to date and utilize the most modern and proven chiropractic techniques. They are fully licensed and their chiropractic clinic is fully insured.

Products/ Services:  

Chiropractic & Massage.


Address: 2221 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E4

Phone: 604 738 1021

Website: vancouverbackpain.com/


“I really can’t express how much I appreciate and value the staff here. They are so kind, compassionate and really take things seriously in regards to my body and covid restrictions. From the minute you step into the office you are kindly greeted, taken care of and respected! & a big thank you to Emma! She is so patient and informative and I really need that communication since my car accident has stressed me out beyond means.” – Nicole Torgerson

Peakform Wellness

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Peakform Wellness started with the sole intent of providing approachable and collaborative care to patients from all walks of life. Their mission is to help people achieve better health by using world-class manual therapies. Their methods are catered towards people who are motivated to overcome their pain and limitations with a little bit of hard work but without medications and surgery.

Peakform uses evidence-based and active frameworks for care. Their experts are trained to design the most efficient path for their patients to reach their health goals. These methods are formulated to reach a patient’s goals as efficiently as possible. Their techniques are designed for the real world as they are driven to be the Authority in Manual Therapies and their reputation earned over years of success speaks volumes.

Products/ Services:  

Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, etc.


Address: 1750 E 10th Ave Suite 205, Vancouver, BC V5N 5K4

Phone: 604 428 7325

Website: peakformwellness.com/


“I had a great experience! Michael was friendly, professional, and helped a lot with my backpain. The receptionist was also very nice!” – Edmond Liu

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