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5 Best Architects in Quebec 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Architects in Quebec. To help you find the best Architects located near you in Quebec, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Architects:

The top rated Architects in Quebec are:

  • STGM Architectes – one of Quebec’s leading architecture firms founded in 2001
  • Coarchitecture – recognized as having one of the largest portfolios in the greater Quebec City
  • Lemaymichaud –  works in a collective and collaborative spirit, to create universes where architecture and design coexist and dialogue
  • Sublime Architecture – offer more to clients by working with the most up-to-date technological tools
  • CCM2 Architectes – one of the most important architectural firms in the greater Quebec City

STGM Architectes

stgm architect in quebec

STGM Architectes is among the premier architecture firms which was established in 2001. It consists of an integrated team of more than 70 architecture, interior design and engineering professionals. They work in collaboration with high-caliber partners, project managers, 3D artists, technical specialists as well as building standards and code experts, which make its mark in building innovative and quality buildings. STGM’s outstanding work is reflected by the several distinctions and awards it received, as well as complexity and diversity of projects on both large and broad scopes. They understand that every project is unique wherein they include considerations on environment, site, technical, economic and functional aspects, as well as social, human factors, standards and regulations. Above all, their purpose to serve as a catalyzer, bringing every factor together to create an innovative, functional, efficient, coherent and sustainable space.


Institutional, Residential, Cultural, Educational, Sports & Recreation, Industrial, Commercial, Health, Transportation, Heritage


Address: 2980 Boulevard Sainte-Anne, Québec, QC G1E 3J3
Phone: (418) 626 8224
Website: stgm.net


“A dynamic working environment, an expert, multi-disciplinary and friendly team of professionals, who are attentive to the needs of their customers and exceed their expectations …. that is what STGM + Associés Architectes sums up. Proud to be part of this adventure!” – Vanessa Dominguez


coarchitecture architect in quebec

Coarchitecture is an architectural firm specializing in administrative, cultural, sports and institutional buildings. This firm was founded by Denis Julien and Michel Hudon who engaged into practice in 2004 and 2007, respectively. Today, the firm is now administered by six architects as well as a technologist. The firm is renowned as keeping one of the biggest portfolios in these specializations within Quebec.

Having worked together within a guided practice, they have bee recognized by high quality specifications and plans, with addition of sustainable development, quality design and creativity. Above all, what this firm distinguish itself from others is building the values through considerations of economic, environmental and human aspects.


Architecture, PCI, LEED, BIM, Programming, Interior Design, Urban Design, Building Sciences, Expertise


Address:1195 Avenue Lavigerie #50, Québec, QC G1V 4N3
Phone: (418) 653 8484
Website: coarchitecture.com


“A most pleasant team to work in partnership!” – Philippe Frenette


lemaymichaud architect in quebec

Lemaymichaud has been working in the industry for 40 years. Having a collaborative and collective spirit, they can create spaces where design and architecture coexist to strongly touch and impress people. The firm consists of a group of 125 design and architecture professionals brought together by one passion to build and materialize projects of excellence.

This architecture firm takes pride of their best tool which is listening to their clients, develop a bond and forge links. Understanding the needs and preference of clients guarantees their success. They fully express a collective approach in the creation phase of a project. From the start of each project, the designers, architects and technologists work in collaboration to provide an overall experience that brings their uniqueness. With that all said, their ultimate goal is to deliver the results that meet the expectations of clients and their promises.


Architecture, Design, Graphic Design


Address: 111 Rue Saint-Pierre, Québec, QC G1K 4A6
Phone: (418) 694 1010
Website: lemaymichaud.com


“Rigor. Professionalism. Creativity. Great company!” – Francois Giroux

Sublime Architecture

sublime architecture architect in quebec

Sublime Architecture was launched by the founder to offer more to clients by using the latest technological tools. They believe that BIM tools and methods would greatly improve customer experience, creation and production process, and the finished product. With this, they took the initiative to undergo training in software such as Lumion 3D and Autodesk Revit.

In each of their projects, they consider criteria such as architectural and construction quality and functionality, flexibility, as well as durability to offer the most pleasant and economical experience to users. Today, their team members even continue to innovate and keep updated on the new methods and trend used worldwide and consistently go beyond their limitations to provide clients the best in the market.


New Building, Redevelopment & Renovation, Expansion, Upgrading


Address: 150 Boulevard René-Lévesque E #305, Québec, QC G1R 2B2
Phone: (581) 300 6831
Website: sublimearchitecture.ca


“Quick response, professional service and dedicated people to find SOLUTIONS. As they say, it’s a real commando team!” – Stephane Labonte

CCM2 Architectes

CCM2 Architectes is among the biggest architectural firms in Quebec which as established in 1963. The firm is very well-known to keep keep expert resources in its team. Having 3 partners guiding CCM2 in 2015, has now additional 3 new partners which led to the merging of two entities CCM2 and NCube in January 2020.

CCM2 is recognized for its unique and quality architectural concepts and its achievements while respecting deadlines and budgets. The dynamic team combined with consistent creativity and search for innovations allowed this firm to earn more than 20 awards over the past 15 years that highlight its quality interventions.


Sustainable Development, Recycling, Rehabilitation, Renovation, Interior Design, Landscaping, Urban Design, Feasibility Study, Zoning


Address: 9285 Boulevard de l’Ormière, Québec, QC G2B 4H4
Phone: (418) 842 1967
Website: ccm2.ca


“All your projects, big or small, are in good hands with the CCM2 team. A team that knows how to listen to your needs and will exceed your expectations.” – Jimmy Savard











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