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5 Best Architects in Winnipeg 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Architects in Winnipeg. To help you find the best Architects located near you in Winnipeg, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Winnipeg’s Best Architects:

The top rated Architects in Winnipeg are:

  • Monteyne Architecture Works Inc. – have unique landscape, natural preserves and cultural communities
  • Cibinel Architecture – offering personalized service to institutional, corporate and commercial clients
  • Thom Fougere Studio works within the fields of architecture interiors, furniture design and art direction
  • Number 10 Architectural Group – known for positive approach and down-to-earth style
  • Norther Sky Architecture Inc. – reputable for innovative, economical design solutions and outstanding client service


Monteyne Architecture Works Inc.

monteyne architect in winnipeg

Monteyne Architecture Works Inc. is an architecture company based in Winnipeg  specializing in intensive design projects. Monteyne has built a reputable name for their critical work emphasizing on plain landscape as well as environmental responsibility.

The firm uses a problem-solving approach to design which meets the aspirations and needs of clients, while working within the aesthetic principles and contemporary construction process that is suited to a certain project. Their team is aspiring to be responsible steward of the nature by maximizing the available resources. To the best of their efforts, the main objective of Monteyne is to create exceptional designs at the best cost for the planet, society and clients.


Architecture, Design Build


Address:  194 Sherbrook Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2B6
Phone: (204) 947 3155
Website: mont-arc.com


“This was our second project with Tom after working with him on a new lake residence. Our home project was a rebuild from the foundations after a fire destroyed our house. Collaborating with Tom and his team we created a completely new, mid-century modern inspired design, that balanced the aesthetic and functional elements we desired. This was a highly iterative team process that included our contractor and designer. Tom’s great strength on both projects was striking the right balance between design integrity and originality and the practical livability of a well- planned home, all while respecting the advice and input of the team. The result we think speaks for itself as we again have a wonderful home!” – Edward Kennedy

Cibinel Architecture

cibinel architect in winnipeg

Cibinel Architecture is offers professional consulting within Winnipeg. They provide customized service to commercial, corporate and institutional sectors. Over the years, Cibinel has evolved to a reputable design studio that creates innovative design solutions that represent a meaning. They attract clients who have unique design challenges and looking for leading edge solution to developing designs. The firm takes a holistic perspective at the project and its cultural, social and economic environment context. They also consider the client’s functional and unique requirements, budget and schedule limitations, development of details and construction techniques as well as the overall project goal of the client and post-occupancy satisfaction.


Academic, Institutional, Cultural, Commercial, Residential


Address: 560 Academy Road Winnipeg, MB R3N 0E3
Phone: (204) 989 8910
Website: cibinel.com


“George and his team are a group of extremely talented and knowledgeable individuals. They create well detailed specifications and clearly designed drawings. New builds or renovations I’d recommend Cibinel Architecture 100%” – Mr Strength

Thom Fougere Studio

thom fougere architect in winnipeg

Thom Fougere Studio is owned by Thom Fougere who studied architecture at the University of Manitoba before working furniture product design and architecture. He was designated as Creative Director in 2010 at EQ3, a Canadian design house. During his nine year tenure in that role, he led the company through a transformative brand re-positioning. The comprehensive process included a refresh of the company’s visual identity, design direction for the product line, graphic presentation, photography and interior design including acting as the lead architect and designer of EQ3 showrooms across the Canada and the United States. Thom Fougere established his eponymous studio based in Winnipeg, Canada. Dedicated to investigating how people live and interact with objects in their homes. Their practice transform ideas into products and designs spaces that are both subtle and archetypal in form.  His works have been exhibited internationally at designs fairs in Milan, Stockholm, New York and Toronto.


Architectural Design, Architectural Drawings, Building Design, Guesthouse Design & Construction, Home Extensions, New Home Construction, Custom Beds, Custom Bookcases, Custom Built-ins, Custom Cabinets, Custom Furniture, Custom Shelving, Custom Storage, Custom Table, Furniture Selection, Interior Design, Interior Design Photography, Kitchen Design, Lighting Design, Space Planning, Sunroom Design & Construction, Commercial design, exhibition design, creative direction


Address: 10-390 Wellington Cres Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M0B7
Phone: (204) 900-5911
Website: thomfougere.com


 “Great idea of the design, I really love the way how to communicate with their customer.” – John Crus

Number 10 Architectural Group

number 10 architect in winnipeg

Number 10 Architectural Group designs places for the better living of customers and communities. This architectural firm is well-known their humble style and positive approach that leads to long lasting relationships. They love to collaborate with individuals who go extra mile, work hard for design excellence and go beyond the limits to exceed expectations. This firm consists of a highly specialized interior design and architectural professionals who will listen and understand carefully to the goals of your project, and get you to the right track to achieve it. They thrive to crate exceptional spaces with the use of sustainable design strategies, efficient process, innovative technology and team-focused approach.


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning, Sustainability


Address: 115 Bannatyne Ave #310, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0R3
Phone: (204) 942 0981
Website: numberten.com


“I am reviewing as an Estimator for a Stucco company. We see alot of different architectural firms and many times, I cringe at what I see them producing. Number 10, on the other hand, is always a welcome sight on a drawing package. As soon as I see their name, I relax because 99 times out of 100 they’ve got things covered and the details are there. Their wall types are clear and concise and the elevations and plans are fantastic. I just wish I could work from their drawings all the time… and no, I am not getting paid to say this. This is is just the way it is. Thank you Number 10!” – James Brown

Northern Sky Architecture Inc.

northern sky architect in winnipeg

Northern Sky Architecture Inc. was established in 1990. Since then, they have become reputable for their economical, innovative design solutions and exceptional client service. They offer services to a diversified range of projects residential and commercial market, as well as the community.

Northern Sky consists of a highly motivated team, which brings commitment and energy to every construction and design project. This firm is highly agile and interactive that adapts to every project’s parameters and each clients’ requirements. They believe that successful architectural projects reflect innovative solutions which achieve the goals and meet the needs of clients.


Residential, Commercial, Community Projects


Address: 128 James Ave #100, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0N8
Phone: (204) 943 6767
Website: nsai.ca


“From dealing with Donald and Kent…amazing firm to deal with and i am sure would be amazing to work there…great friendly work environment…” – AJ Zeid



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