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5 Best Arborists in Vancouver

Below is a list of the top and leading Arborists in Vancouver. To help you find the best Arborists located near you in Vancouver, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Vancouver’s Best Arborists:

The top rated Arborists in Vancouver are:

  • Grizzly Tree Experts company’s proprietor has 13 years of expertise as an arborist

  • Arbutus Tree Service –high-quality local business that has been serving the West Side for over 20 years

  • Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services  dedicated to making your needs as simple as possible

  • Peak Trees earned a well-deserved reputation as one of Vancouver’s top fine pruning specialists

  • Davey Tree Expert Co. of Canada, Limited intend to continue providing the highest quality tree service that the community has come to expect

Grizzly Tree Experts

Grizzly Tree ExpertsGrizzly Tree Experts is owned by Dan Holliday, the owner and operator of Grizzly Tree Experts. Wow! The company’s proprietor has 13 years of expertise as an arborist. This firm’s employees work with clients in the residential, property management, business, and government sectors. They want to form a bond with you, learn about the trees, and assist you in determining the best method to care for them so that they remain healthy, safe, and attractive. They offer a wide selection of tree services to give you choices, and they’d want to share their knowledge and give you advise so you can make the best decision for your trees.


Tree removal and pruning

Address: 303-2115 Cypress St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3M3
Phone: (604) 362 3604
Website: grizzlytree.ca


“Dan and the team are excellent. The quote was very reasonable for the scope of work and executed perfectly. They were all extremely professional, quick and hassle free. You will not be disappointed with this company (but be sure to book well in advance because they are very busy – and rightly so!).” – Shelby Turner

Arbutus Tree Service

Arbutus Tree ServiceArbutus Tree Service is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). They hold the best insurance coverage in the business for your protection, and they are happy to supply you with proof of both their insurance and WCB coverage. This is a high-quality local business that has been serving the West Side for over 20 years. Surprisingly, they employ the most cutting-edge environmentally friendly procedures, such as spurless climbing equipment and organic materials. They will provide you with a free consultation with an ISA Certified Arborist who will provide you with advice on the health, safety, and care of your trees.


Tree inspection and pruning

Address: 7520 Balaclava St, Vancouver, BC V6N 0A3
Phone: (604) 737 2643
Website: arbutustree.ca


“Excellent service!  My ten tall pines are in great shape after the heavy pruning they needed. Thanks to Norm for a reasonable quote, sharing his knowledge and adding on work that my neighbors wanted.  The aerial team, Dylan and Samuel, and  Maxim and Cooper were so skilled that a neighbor pulled up a chair to watch from the road in front!” – Alison Marshall Rath

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge ServicesAesthetic Tree & Hedge Services is a firm dedicated to making your needs as simple as possible. They just do good work and take care of their consumers. They want to see many more smiles in the future. This company has been operating in the Greater Vancouver area for more than 20 years. Customers have formed long-lasting ties with them over the years, ranging from tree removal to gardening to animal rescue. They are committed to continuing to succeed in business by paying close attention to the smallest details in everything they do. Come chat trees with your friendly neighbor Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service, face to face.


Tree removal and cutting

Address: 273 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC V5K 4A7
Phone: (604) 721 7370
Website: aesthetictree.ca


“Yaniv and his team did an amazing job pruning a line of Arbutus strawberry trees. I didn’t want a ‘hedge’ look and he kept the trees looking natural. He also did a wonderful job shaping a Katsura and creating lots more light for the entrance way. Highly recommended and a very nice team to work with.” – Tim Hasted

Peak Trees

Peak TreesPeak Trees has been a locally owned and operated business for the past nine years. In the field of arboriculture, this company has achieved international experience. Wow! They earned a well-deserved reputation as one of Vancouver’s top fine pruning specialists. It’s amazing that they provide excellent service in Vancouver and the neighboring areas. Yes! They provide a comprehensive range of high-quality tree services, including fruit tree pruning, tree removal, hedge management, and arborist reports. They really provide excellent service to all of their customers out there.


Tree pruning

Address: 6566 Pinehurst Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 4P1
Phone: (778) 318 9442
Website: peaktrees.ca


“A very skilled and experienced arborist team.  Matt has worked on the walnut trees in our back yard several times over multiple years, and always done a great job carefully shaping the tree.  They also paid attention not to damage the rambling rose and clematis running through the branches.  Clean tidy up of all the cut-offs, very friendly to deal with and good business manners.  Highly recommended.” – Oliver Gruter-Andrew

Davey Tree Expert Co. of Canada, Limited

Davey Tree Expert Co. of Canada, LimitedDavey Tree Expert Co. of Canada Limited has been in business since 1880. They intend to continue providing the highest quality tree service that the community has come to expect. They all guarantee to provide you with high-quality, dependable service. It’s incredible that this organization has been providing excellent tree services in Canada since 1930. The company’s Canadian businesses have continued to expand and supplement the company’s success in the United States. Wow! This business has been around for almost a century. They have a large workforce that allows you to form a bond with your local arborist and receive individual care.


Proactive planning services and Storm restoration contracts

Address: 1541 W 75th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6P 5G5
Phone: (604) 264 8737
Website: daveytree.ca


“Good service by the office and crew, Donovan the certified arborist was very helpful; the crew came with excellent equipment and quickly completed and cleaned.” – Sutton Group West Coast Realty

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