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5 Best Appliance Repair Services in Hamilton

Below is a list of the top and leading Appliance Repair Services in Hamilton. To help you find the best Appliance Repair Services located near you in Hamilton, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Hamilton’s Best Appliance Repair Services:

The top rated Appliance Repair Services in Hamilton are:

  • RTC Appliances in the appliance business since 1976
  • Appliance Repair Hamilton finest at providing prompt repair services
  • Sutton & Son Appliances high-quality services in the Hamilton area
  • Amann Appliance Service & Parts providing exceptional customer service in the Hamilton area
  • Mr Appliance Services protection of its customers is their top priority

RTC Appliances

RTC AppliancesRTC Appliances has been in the appliance business since 1976. Wow! They are a firm that takes pride in providing high-quality appliance repair services. They serve both homeowners and business owners in Hamilton. It’s incredible that they’re known as everyone’s go-to appliance repair company. They are committed to giving the greatest repair services in the area to their consumers. They make it a point to be available to their customers at all times. They’re also skilled at repairing broken appliances. They only provide the level of service that is expected of them.


Electric range repair

Address: 610 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 2Y8
Phone: (+905) 574 1040
Website: rtcappliances.ca


“I feel very lucky to have called RTC. Extremely nice people, very professional. They had the part I needed in the truck and installed it quickly and at a price that was fair. I will definitely call them first in the future, and recommend them to friends. – Gregg Taylor

Appliance Repair Hamilton

Appliance Repair HamiltonAppliances Repair Hamilton is a corporation that claims to be the finest at providing prompt services. In Hamilton, they have the most qualified appliance technicians. They are also willing to set up a maintenance schedule for their customers’ appliances. They promise to send their professionals to their clients’ homes for appliance repairs. They take pride in providing the best solution to their customers’ concerns. Everyone agrees that household appliances are an investment. They promote entrusting appliance repair to qualified professionals such as themselves. This company is happy to serve everyone!


Over repair

Address: 77 James St N #55 Hamilton ON L8R 2K3
Phone: (289) 860 0763
Website: hamilton-appliancerepairs.ca


“The washing machine operated slowly, and I needed it to work properly. I called the repair company and their technician came over quickly. He performed a thorough inspection and he managed to identify the concern easily. He fixed the unit in no time and he kept the cost minimal, too.” – Morgan Caroline

Sutton & Son Appliances

Sutton & Son AppliancesSutton & Son Appliances is a family-owned business that has been providing high-quality services in the Hamilton area since 1928. They believe that the Hamilton community has placed its faith in them. It is critical that their clients have faith in them. They place a premium on developing long-term connections with their customers. They can assure their consumers that the job will be done correctly every time! They are happy to provide everyone a “free initial analysis via phone,” a service that is unique to their organization. This business takes pleasure in serving as a conduit between current consumers and their trusted producers.


Appliance repair

Address: 154 Gage Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8L 7A4
Phone: (905) 544 1916
Website: suttonappliances.com


Steve and Shane helped us to address issues with both our fridge and dishwasher.  Steve’s support and advice over the phone saved us the need for a service call on the fridge, and a week later when our dishwasher needed service, it was a no brainer to call back.  Shane came out and repaired our issues with out any hiccups; he had the parts, took the time to give us tips to extend the life of the appliance and was both professional and personable.  We will be repeat customers for sure when our appliances aren’t behaving.  No surprise costs, no second visits, just honesty and good service from these guys.” – Ryan Liversage

Amann Appliance Service & Parts

Amann Appliance Service & PartsAmann Appliance Service & Parts is happy to be known for providing exceptional customer service in the Hamilton area. The organization is honored to be named The Readers’ Choice for 2014. They’re especially proud of their staff, who were named Gold Winners in 2017. Moreover, they were awarded the title of Bosch Servicer of the Year for 2013. For nearly half a century, the company has maintained its existing integrity. Wow! They’ve built a name on nearly 50 years of service! This business is proudly owned and operated by a family. This organization is happy to provide honest appliance service to everybody.


Appliance repair and parts removal

Address: 1576 Stone Church Rd E #8, Hamilton, ON L8W 3P9
Phone: (905) 527 2008
Website: amannappliance.com


Brought my dryer parts into the store, guy tested them and told me what the problem was. Sold me the proper part and I replaced it. Dryer works great now.” – Keith Bazinet

Mr Appliance Services

Mr Appliance ServicesMr Appliance Services is a firm that believes in providing prompt and accurate appliance repair to their customers. They tell their consumers that they will only work with expert technicians. During the epidemic, this company ensures that the protection of its customers is their top priority. This company promises their consumers that COVID-19’s distribution and impact in their community are being continuously monitored. They take pride in keeping their work spotless at all times. It’s also comforting to know that they have a one-time fixed charge for everything. They also provide contactless authorization and payment for their services.


Appliance repair

Address: 637 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 3A1
Phone: (905) 544 2672
Website: mrappliance.com


Good service, fair prices” – Gracie Marion

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