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5 Best AFK Online Exam Course in Canada🥇

The AFK course is an essential part of becoming a dentist in Canada, and will teach you fundamental skills required to become a solid practitioner in this field.

The AFK course is an assessment of fundamental knowledge which will kickstart your education and career in the dentistry world. Your career begins by passing the AFK online exam course, to the ACJ, then dental board exams and onwards into your practice and into your further dentistry education.

It is important that you do well in this exam to prove your ability in the dentistry field, as this is a good indicator of how hard you will work in the future to any employers, or those looking at your qualifications.

Doing well in the AFK online exam, proves commitment, and doing an online exam course to help you in it is a good idea.

Top Rated AFK Online Exam Courses:

1. Scholars Dental

Scholars Dental - AFK Online Exam

Scholars Dental offers an AFK online exam course which prepares you for the AFK exam. It is a relatively small class of maximum 50 people, and offers a huge amount of content to get you ready to take the exam. With a duration of 5 months and only at $4500, this course is a steal to get you ready for the AFK exam.

2. Golden Target

Golden Target - AFK Online Exam

Golden Target offers a 5 month duration AFK exam preparation course with a variety of different content including lectures, quizzes, mock exams, course material, huge question banks and so much more. They boast an 82% pass rate for their students who have previously enrolled in their course and taken the AFK exam.

3. Cide Online

Cide Online - AFK Online Exam

Cide Online offers much the same as the others mentioned on this list, however it is considerably more affordable. Sitting at $2000 for the full course without the mock exam, and $2500 with it, this course is very affordable for students and may be a better choice if you are on a tight budget.

4. Dental Simulation Training Centre

Dental Simulation Training Centre - AFK Online Exam

The Dental Simulation Training Centre (DSTC) offers an online or in person AFK exam preparation course. The course is run by two very reputable instructors from the University of Toronto, and this course will definitely get you prepared for the exam.

5. Confidentist

Confidentist offers online exam preparation courses for the AFK exam. The course package is considerably more expensive than most others on this list, however its content is considerably larger too. It offers 3 mock exams and over 6000+ questions for your study. Definitely a lot of work to be done here which will get you ready for the exam.

These are the top 5 best AFK online exam courses in Canada, based on this rating points list.

These courses will get you ready for the AFK exam, and utilizing the content and help given to you, you will be sure to pass it.

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